18/01/2009 Ahnyang

2009 Korea Cube Championship

2009 Korea Cube Championship (http://www.cube.or.kr/2009korea/2009korea.htm) was held on January 18th, at Ahnyang Dongan Youth Training Center. Participants competed in 11 types of contests including one-handed, blind, foot, etc. Some broke the Asian records. Mr. Böröcz László, 1st Secretary of the Hungarian embassy, took part in the opening ceremony.

The winner was Lee Seung-woo, the second was Sohn Seul-ki, and the third was Lee Jae-yong. They were awarded prizes by the embassy.

Korea Cube Associaion (http://www.cube.or.kr/) was established in 2006 and composed of 36 member groups and 300.000 members. Korea Cube Association is a member of World Cube Association and all the competition is held under the rule of World Cube Association.

You can check the official world record at:

The world records for one-handed (14.34 sec.) and foot (36.94 sec.) were achieved by Koreans.

The popularity of Rubik Cube which was invented by a Hungarian engineer, Dr. Rubik Ernő is arising again. Rubik Cube was the ‘Toy of the Year’ in 1980 in England and in Germany and France awarded a diploma. One million Cubes were sold in 1980 only in Hungary and it became a common decoration in houses over the world. On its December 3rd, 2001 issue Times selected Rubik Cube ‘the Best Invention of the Year.’

You can check the article about the competition here.

Mr. Rubik Ernő will probably visit Korea in October this year under the invitation from Korea Foundation.


22/01/2009 Budapest

Parliamentary delegation visit

The president of Education, Science and Technology Committee of the Korean National Assembly, Mr. Kim Boo-kyum had a meeting with the Vice Minister of Research and Development, Dr. Kolber István. This meeting was arranged when Mr. Kim and the delegation visited Budapest on the occasion of celebrating the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relationship between the two countries.

Mr. Kolber István introduced the R & D sector of Hungary to the Korean delegation and to the Korean Ambassador to Hungary, Mr. Suh Chung-ha. The vice minister particularly emphasized the importance of supporting the innovation in case of economic crisis. The parties talked about the improvement of bilateral cooperation in science and technology which were considered as an important issue for both countries. They also paid attention to analyzing the education and science research relations and the current status of higher technology education. Hungarian side mentioned the possibility of holding a Hungarian Science Road Show in fall this year. This event could facilitate the transfer of the output of innovation research to practical use in wide scale. Korean side was willing to take this idea.

01/02/2009 Budapest

Interview with Prime Minister Gyurcsány Ferenc  

How’s the 20th Anniversary meaningful?

▲ It was a historically important event. Hungary was the first former communist’s country that established diplomatic relationship with Korea. It enlarged Korea’s diplomatic relations. It also enlarged Hungarian diplomatic relations.

What is needed for future relationship??

▲ We are sharing the value and profit and developing the friendship and opening in various fields. Hungary considers this relationship very important and hopes Hungary can be a central Europe herb for Korea to expand its economy and culture.

Including the political relations, the cooperation for economy and companies is very important and it’s worth supporting. Now two countries are at the point of being ready for using EU FTA. I’m looking forward to Korean investment to R&D, bio, IT, recycled energy, food, etc.

Many Korean companies invested to Hungary. But some complains about the high rate of tax. What’s the solution?

▲ The high rate of tax mainly imposed on labor sector is acting as a big problem in Hungarian economy but it cannot be solved immediately as it’s connected to social problems and employment. It needs the overall reformation with other sectors.

One solution is 1,000 bilion tax conversion announced recently. This plan will reduce the personal income tax and company’s payment of social welfare wax. Special tax adopted in 2006 will be annulled but instead, the VAT will increase, government’s expenditure will be reduced, etc.

What’s the cooperation view on science and techonolgy?

▲ The most promising field to improve bilateral cooperation is science and technology. It can be realized through the governmental agreement and co-established cooperation center. It is very important to make technology innovation and support small/medium companies in this situation. In R&D sector, EU decided to build EU EIT center in Budapest. EIT will be a great opportunity for Korea to strengthen the relationship with Europe.

What do Hungarians think of Korean people and government?

▲ The development of bilateral relationship means Hungary got to know more about Korea. Hungarian people naturally showed their intimacy to Korea and are interested in Korea and its people. Korean talent, diligence and experiences which have been leading Korea to major economically powerful country are worthy. Korea is making an effort to introduce its culture to the world. Korean movies are getting popular to Hungarians.

When do you expect Hungary to join EURO zone.

▲ It needs careful preparation and analysis. Over past few years, Hungarian economic policy has been pursuing an aim to meet MASSTRICHT standards. The retrenchment policy in 2006 was also for this. As a result of these efforts, we somehow achieved the decrease of financial deficit down to 3% of GDP. This goal won’t ever be shaken by any crisis situation. The increasing rate of price will keep a certain low level as a result of economic crisis and decline of demand.

What is Hungarian government’s position on building alternative natural gas pipes. On which do you put more importance, Nabuco Line led by the west or South Stream led by Russia?

▲ It will be very much helpful for Hungary if we can get as many transportation routes as possible. If we take part in both projects, we can expect the flexibility and energy security. It applied to all the European countries. Every country is interested in variation of gas supplier and transportation routes. In this point of view, Nabuco and South Stream are not in the relationship of competitors but mutual supplement. Hungary promised to be actively involved in Nabuco line project and we held a summit meeting successfully last month.

Some say the current economic crisis in Hungary was resulted from that the social party has too much cared about social welfare.

▲ The whole world is suffering from the economic crisis. The whole Europe is in the recession and Hungary couldn’t be an exception. We didn’t have consistent policy to secure the economic development before 2006. The deficit range had been widened due to the excessive expenditure. But current government has been emphasizing that we have to give up keeping up the social system which is similar to that of Northern Europe. It is clear that current government broke the previous custom. Besides managing the crisis, we reformed social welfare, tax system and employment plan widely and radically. We also adjusted income and financial expenditure broadly. The parliament has many officials who will be responsible for this.

When do you think Hungary can escape from the economic crisis?

▲ The whole is undergoing the worst economic situation ever. EU predicted it would be better at the end of this year but World bank said it would last until 2010. We are very cautious to approach it and wouldn’t exclude the possibility of long term difficulties. Of course, we’ll try our best to solve it. Not only when to be recovered but also how it’s recovered is important.

What do you want to say to Koreans?

▲ The 20th anniversary will strengthen our ties. The cultural programs in Seoul and Budapest will give a memorable experience to people. I hope the economic difficulty would not bring the retreat of mutual relationship or the reduction of tourists and investors. I hope more Koreans visit Hungary either on vacation or business. In addition, I hope we can have direct flights from Seoul to Budapest in a near future.

Any high ranking official’s visiting plan?

▲ We’re planning to enlarge the interchange of ministerial level officials. Minister of Agriculture and of Science and Development are planning to visit Korea. We are also planning to hold a road show for science and technology and expecting a minister from Korea to come.

09/02/2009 Seoul

20th Anniversary of Establishing Diplomatic Relations between Hungary and Korea

On the occasion of 20th Anniversary of Establishing Diplomatic Relations between Hungary and Korea, Yonhap News interviewed the Hungarian Prime Minister, Gyurcsány Ferenc. During the interview, the PM emphasized the meaning of the 20th anniversary and talked about the future of the bilateral relationship and the cooperation in economy, trade, science and technology. He also answered about the timing to join the EURO Zone, issue on the energy supply and economic situation in Hungary.

He assured the readers that the various cultural programs to commemorate the 20th anniversary in Budapest and Seoul will provide the people with unforgettable experiences. He also said the economic crisis will not bring the dullness of the bilateral relationship or reduction of investment and tourists.

Korea Times also published an interview with Hungarian Ambassador in Korea. The Ambassador recollected his memory about the issues 20 years ago and mentioned former President Roh Tae-woo, former Minister Park Chul-un, etc, quoting Park Chul-un’s book, The article described the Hungary-Austria boarder opening in 1989, the progress of trade relations between Hungary and Korea, and the planned cultural events related to Hungary in 2009.

You can find the full article at:


Yonhap News also published about the 20th Anniversary. It described about the diplomatic history, mentioning about Austria-Hungary empire, relationship of Korea, Hungary and Japan. It also mentioned about the economic cooperation, naming Daewoo, Samsung and Hankook Tire. It mentioned about the Korean Language Department in ELTE University and the popularity on the TV drama, Daejanggeum.

09/02/2009 Seoul

Reception for the 20th Anniversary

On the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of establishing diplomatic relationship between Hungary and Korea, the second Vice Minister of MOFAT, Mr. Shin Kak-soo hosted a reception on Feb. 9th at MOFAT. The participants were about 60 people including the former Speaker of National Assembly, Mr. Lee Man-sup, former Minister, Mr. Park Chul-un, Honorary Consul of Hungary, Mr. Sohn Bong-rak, former Korean Ambassadors to Hungary, business relations (Hankook Tire, KDB), press (The Korea Times, The Korea Herald) etc.

Korean artists played music composed of Hungarian motif for 15 minutes during the Reception. A documentary film about establishing diplomatic relations was shown. Arirang TV staff also took park in for news report.

Congratulatory remarks from Mr. Shin Kak-soo and Hungarian Ambassador were given and toast from Mr. Lee Man-sup.


12/02/2009 Budapest

Balassi Institute - Hungarian Scholarship Board Office  

The Balassi Institute was established by the Ministry of Education and Culture was appointed to promote Hungarian culture as well as providing information about Hungary's geographic and social features, including her history and contemporary characteristics, both for foreigners living in Hungary and abroad within the framework of Hungarian international cultural relations.

Since January 2007 the Hungarian Scholarship Board Office, the Hungarian Institutes abroad, the Office of the Márton Áron Students' Houses and the Balassi Language Institute operate under the auspices of the Balassi Institute.

The Hungarian Scholarship Board (HSB) Office announces university and research scholarships for an academic year and summer school scholarships. The scholarship programme is open for citizens of those countries with which the Hungarian Ministry of Education and Culture has agreed to a co-operation programme.

You can read the call for Hungarian state scholarship here.

Application form for Hungarian university and research scholarship can be downloaded here.

16/02/2009 Seoul

The Korea Times article about Erno Rubik  

The English language Korea Times posted an article titled ‘Inventor of Rubik’s Cube will visit Korea.’ It mentioned the global success of Rubik’s Cube in 1980’s as well as Korean Cube Association. It also introduced Mr. Rubik’s new invention, Rubik’s 360.

According to the article, Erno Rubik will visit South Korea under the invitation from Korea Foundation on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of establishing diplomatic relationship between Hungary and Korea. Quoting the Hungarian Ambassador to Korea, it wrote that as a symbol of Hungarian renovation and creativity proved by 13 Nobel laureates, Rubik Cube would be introduced to Korean young generation. The article mentioned about Imre Kertesz, Nobel laureate for literature.

It particularly emphasized the fact that Hungary was the first communist’s country who made a diplomatic tie with South Korea and wrote that Seoul and Budapest would have various cultural events to celebrate the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relationship. The article was written based on the information given by the Hungarian embassy in Seoul. The full text can be found here.

16/02/2009 Seoul

The Korea Herald about Hungary

Korea and Hungary celebrate 20 years

This year marks the 20-year anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Hungary.

The relationship between the two countries is a special one because Hungary was the first Eastern European country to open diplomatic ties with Korea.

The Ambassador of Hungary, Miklos Lengyel, said that the establishment of the relationship in 1989 was also significant because it marked a prelude to the end of the Cold War and a new phase in politics for both countries.

"This (the establishment of the relationship) required not only the recognition of mutual interests but also the wisdom, creativity and political vision of both countries' leaders," Lengyel said.

Since 1989, the partnership between the two countries has grown rapidly, particularly in economic terms. The trading volume between Korea and Hungary has reached $2.2 billion, while 40 Korean companies are doing business in Hungary with investments worth $1.2 billion.

"Major Korean enterprises add advanced technology and high level labor culture to Hungary, and contribute to the improvement of our productivity and export capacity," the Hungarian Ambassador said.

The Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade of Korea, Shin Kak-soo, added that the strength of their economic relationship would help the two countries in the current financial environment. "I am confident that we will be able to overcome the current global financial crisis through our mutually coopertive economic relations, " Shin said.

However, the relationship extends far beyond economics. In 2007, 65,000 Koreans visited Hungary for tourism. This year a number of famous Hungarian artists, including the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and Erno Rubik, the inventor of Rubik's Cube, will visit Korea. Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul hosts Asia's largest faculty of Hungarian language.

The ambassador said that it was in the interest of both countries to continue to expand these exchanges of culture, science and education, alongside economic cooperation.

After 20 years of successful bilateral ties, the Korean Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade hopes that future relations continue to be robust.

"I sincerely hope that Korea and Hungary will face the challenges of the 21st century hand-in-hand through trust and cooperation towards a bright future of shared prosperity."

By Jessica Carter



19/02/2009 Hungary

Hungarian Folk Music in World Network

‘The civil association www.magyarnota.com’ is releasing the amazing world of melodies and lyrics of Hungarian folk music and songs. The purpose of this website is to let more people meet the beautiful Andalgo (slow dance music of Hungary) and cheerful Csardas (Hungarian folk dance music). You can listen to well-known songs together with their performances and even download them for free.

It also plans to make an internet encyclopedia of Hungarian folk music. It will collect and record as many songs as possible for the next generation by studio recording and internet access. Through young and new style of performances, it is promoting the joy, beauty and unity of music to young people.

20/02/2009 Seoul

Mr. Cho Hong-ky was presented by a doctorial degree

The director of Korea Kodaly Society, Mr. Cho Hong-ky was presented by a doctorial degree of music with his study „Research of the Korean pentatonic scale’s sight-reading textbook’ on February 20th, 2009 in Chung-ang University.

Mr. Cho graduated from Kodaly Music Academy in Hungary and now is the director of Korea Kodaly Society. He is contributing himself to promote the Kodaly teaching method to Korea and holding regular concerts to introduce famous Hungarian composers to Korean audiences.


23/02/2009 Seoul

Hungary on Arirang Radio  

Mr. Böröcz László, 1st Secretary for cultural affairs in the Hungarian embassy spoke about Hungary in Arirang radio program, Mid-day Break, every Monday in February.

The listeners could get to know about studying opportunities, culture, music and food of Hungary four times for 30 minutes on Monday afternoons through this program organized in order to commemorate the 20th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Hungary and South Korea. Many pieces of Hungarian pop music were introduced in this program, which attracted audiences’ interests. This live program reached the world through Korean DMB, Internet and satellite.


20/04/2009 Budapest

World Science Forum


In order to promote the quality of the dialogue on the new roles and challenges of scientific knowledge within today's global society, in partnership with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Hungarian Government, UNESCO and ICSU organised the first World Conference on Science in Budapest, Hungary in 1999. As then State Secretary responsible for Science and Education in Hungary, it was my honourable task to endorse the initiative of UNESCO and ICSU as an unique endeavour to provide scientists and science policy makers with a new global platform for discussing vital issues of common interest.

Encouraged by the success of the World Conference on Science, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences initiated a series of events called World Science Forum taking place biannually in Budapest. As in 2001 UNESCO assigned the day of the 10th of November to serve as "World Science Day", a day dedicated to science and scientists, biannual World Science Fora take place in Budapest on and around the World Science Days of every odd year.

The first World Science Forum, focusing on "Knowledge and Society", took place from 8 through 10 November 2003, the second World Science Forum on "Knowledge, Ethics and Responsibility" was held from 10 through12 November 2005, whereas the third one lasted from 8 through 10 November 2007 and focused on "Investing in Knowledge: Investing in the Future".

Well over 1200 scientists, politicians, decision makers from all over the world have participated in the work of the past World Science Fora, making them unique and highly diverse events. The Summaries, brochures as well as the video-archives of the previous Fora can be accessed on this web site.

It is my pleasure to announce the Fourth World Science Forum, organised by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in partnership with UNESCO and ICSU to be held in Budapest on 5-7 November 2009. The forthcoming Forum - focusing on "Knowledge and Future" - will not only mark the tenth anniversary of the first World Conference on Science, but will also look forward and give us a strategic vision of the future of science in the global society of the 21st century.

József Pálinkás
President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
President of World Science Forum - Budapest 2009

10/05/2009 Seoul

Hungarian booth in Hi! Seoul Festival

May 10th was an ‘International Day’ in Hi! Seoul Festival organized by Seoul city hall from 10:00 to 19:00. 40 embassies took part in this festival and the Hungarian embassy opened a separate booth to introduce Hungarian food which was prepared by the embassy members. Brochures and CDs about Hungary were distributed with much interest.

A 5-member Hungarian rock group led by Dániel Abebe (Bebe), well known from Black II Black, visited Korea (organized by Silverhill Production Kft) and had a successful performance.


13/05/2009 Yongin

Book donation ceremony in Hungarian faculty of Hanguk University of Foreign Studies   On May, 13th, 2009, Lengyel Miklos, Ambassador of Hungary to Korea donated books to the Hungarian department of Hanguk University of Foreign Studies in the occasion of  commemoration of 20th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relationship between Hungary and Korea. The books were given by Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Balassi Bálint Intézet to celebration the 20th anniversary of establishing Hungarian department.

On the same day, the students could be given a special lecture from Hungarian Ambassador and Q & A time. The department expressed its gratitude to the embassy for the support.


15/05/2009 Seoul

The 2nd Study & Research in Europe

The 2nd Study & Research in Europe was held in Yonsei University on Friday, May 15th. According to the registration information, 250 students from Seoul and other cities participated in this event.

The event was opened by the Ambassador of Czech Republic and the Ambassador of the EU Commission. The vice president of Université Paris-Est, Patricia Pol gave an opening remark speaking about the of Bologna Process and Erasmus Mundus program. The vice president specially emphasized the advantage of European diploma as students can learn minor foreign languages, like Hungarian which can be more useful.

Chosun Ilbo released an article about this and Naver and Seoul Economy sites posted a news about it.

Korea Times also released a short report with the picture taken by our diplomat.

You can find the information about the education in Hungary prepared by the Ministry of Education and Culture here.


02/06/2009 Jeju Island

Jeju World Culture and Travel EXPO

In order to commemorate Korea-ASEAN Summit in Jeju Island, Jeju World Culture and Travel EXPO was held from May 29th to June 1st with participants from 9 ASEAN member states, 26 foreign travel organizations and representatives of foreign missions. The ASEAN member states presented traditional dance and food. In addition, there were travel information booths operated by Asian, African, South American and European – Spain, Slovakia, Czech, Romania, Hungary – countries.

Korean Prime Minister gave an opening remark at the opening ceremony. The organizer reported that 50,000 to 55,000 visitors enjoyed the 4-day EXPO and especially the Hungarian booth attracted many people. Those who visited Hungarian booth watched video materials and took brochures about culture and tourist’s attractions of Hungary


01/07/2009 Budapest

ITD-Hungary weekly Newsletter

You can read the Hungarian Investment and Trade Development Agency (ITD-Hungary) weekly Newsletter here.

If you wish to subscribe, send your request to the Editor andras.hirschler@itd.hu


14/07/2009 Seoul

Interview with the Hungarian Ambassador – Eumaksekye  

The Monthly Music Magazine Eumaksekye published an article of an interview with the Ambassador of the Republic of Hungary, Miklos Lengyel in its July version, introducing the Korea Liszt Competition which is organized for the commemoration of 20th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relationship between Hungary and Korea.

Miklos Lengyel, Ambassador of Hungary emphasized the role of culture in the relations of the two countries and suggested the communication through music. In addition, he hoped that this competition of Korea Liszt Society that was making an effort to introduce the Hungarian composer, Ferenc Liszt, would revive the interests in Hungarian music and its musical education as well as could be settled as a constant event. He also mentioned about his personal music preference and the history of Hungarian music. You can find the full text here (in Korean).



09/09/2009 Seoul

Liszt piano competition in Seoul

Co-organized by the Korea Liszt Society together with the Ferenc Liszt University of Music of Budapest and the Embassy of Hungary a ’Liszt Festival’ was held in Seoul last week. The event also commemorated the 20th anniversary of establishing the diplomatic relations between Hungary and Korea. The festival began with a solo concert of Péter Nagy, a renowned pianist and the dean of piano department of Liszt University of Music. A seminar was organised to bring a chance to reflect the life and the music of the genius composer and musician, Liszt who is particularly popular in Korea. The traditional annual concert of the Korea Liszt Society selected only Liszt’s pieces this year. In the framework of this festival, the 1st Liszt Competition was held. More than 110 participants of diverse age registered to the concour and showed their talent and passion for the music. Péter Nagy, as the dean of the piano department of Liszt Music Academy was one of the judges and praised the level of the competition. The winners were awarded with prize money as well as a one-year scholarship from Ferenc Liszt University of Music. The Hungarian University and the Korean organizers expected that this competition would open a gate for long-term cooperation between the two countries.


14/12/2009 Seoul

Sólyom László, President of Hungary visits Korea

The President of Hungary, Sólyom László paid official visit to Korea from 29th of Nov. to 2nd of Dec. on the invitation of the President of Korea, Lee Myung-Bak. The main goal of this visit was to revitalize the economic and cultural relations between the two countries. During the visit, President Sólyom László had a summit talk with the President Lee Myung-Bak, had a meeting with the Speaker of National Assembly Kim Hyong-O and participated in the ceremony to appoint the Executive Vice President of Hankook Tire, Cho Hyun-Shick as a new honorary consul of Hungary. He also had a meeting with the major economic figures at the lucheon hosted by the heads of 4 leading economic organizations of Korea. The Yonsei Univeristy in Seoul conferred the honorary doctorate in law upon the President. This visit was to commemorate the 20th anniversary of estalblishing diplomation relationship between Hungary and Korea.