05/02/2010 Seoul

Recruiting the State Scholarship Students

The Hungarian Scholarship Committee is recruiting the state scholarship students for the 2010/2011 semesters and the 2010 summer school. It is for the undergraduate and research course. You can find the details in English as well as Hungarian on the websites below.



The application deadline is April, 15th, 2010 (date of post seal). As the online application has been adopted, all applicants are advised to register the application forms through on-line on the websites above.

03/03/2010 Seoul

The 2nd Korean Liszt Competition (Piano)  

1. Venue:

Preliminary round: Aug. 21st. 09:00 a.m. Seonhwa High School of Art, Seonhwa Hall

Final round: Aug. 29th. 13:00 p.m.. Korea National University of Art, KNUA Hall

2. Eligibility for participation:

Adult: age between 17 to 30. (birthday: 1980, 8, 29 ~ 1993, 8,29), Korean citizen, Koreans residing overseas, Foreigners residing in Korea.

High school: Including home-schooling and students studying abroad.

Middle school: Including home-schooling and students studying abroad.

Elementary1: grade 4-6

Elementrary2: grade 1-3

Foreigners: Residing in Korea, Age less than 30.

3. Award:

Grand Prize: 1-year-scholarship in Liszt Academy of Music (about 6,500 euro)

Solo recital in Youngsan grace hall, recital at E-won cultural center. CD recording at SOUND SKETCH.

Adult: 1st rrize - Certificate and 500,000 won

Solo recital in Wooin Art Hall, recital at E-won cultural center, CD recording at SOUND SKETCH.

2nd prize - 300,000 won

High school: 1st prize - 50,000 won

Middle school: 1st prize – half price for America’s 2011 Tangle wood music camp (BUTI) 3-week session ($1,792)

Elementary1: 1st prize – 200,000

Elementary2: 1st prize – 100,000

The 1st prize winner for high school, middle school and elementary school category will be given a chance for a recital at Wooin Art Hall, at E-won cultural center and CD recording AT SOUND SKETCH.

2ND, 3RD, prize winners will be given a chance to perform at Munho Art Hall on Oct. 17th.

4. Application: 2010 Jul. 25th( (Sun.) – Aug. 18th (Wed.)

5. Application fee: 100,000 won.

6. Applications via internet: www.contest.co.kr

7. Inquiry:

011-499-3991 (application)

011-9717-4236, 010-2711-1908 (other)


8. Confirmation: Check your contest number and the venue on the homepage of Korea Liszt Society after 17:00 on Aug. 20th, 2010. and keep the deadline of submitting the relevant document.

9. Required document (on the day of preliminary round):

Application certificate (print from www.contest.co.kr, photo attached)

ID (Student ID, Passport, ect.)

10. Judges: famous pianists, 1 professor from Liszt Academy of Music in Hungary.

11. Attention:

Participants should play the whole pieces from memory without repetition.

Judges can stop the playing and ask to play the certain part of the music.

The performing order is decided by lottery on the day.

Participants have to submit a certificate that shows the age.  

The overall procedure of the competition can be changed according to the situation of the organizer.

12. Assigned pieces





I piece among Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Scriabin Etude

Free including Liszt solo

(less than 15 min.

Different from preliminary

High school

1 piece among Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Scriabin Etude

Free ( less than 10 min.)

Different from preliminary

Middle School


Free ( less than 8 min.)

Different from preliminary



Free (less than 5 min.) It can the same as preliminary



5Free (less than 5 min.) It can the same as preliminary

24/03/2010 Seoul

Important Notice about VISA Application  

Due to the preparation for the CODEX application to EU visa, the visa section will be closed from April 2nd until April 8th.

The change of the visa system could possibly cause some technical problems, so please take it into consideration that you might experience prolonged visa application procedure.

02/04/2010 Seoul

Summer programme of Eötvös Loránd University  

Summer programme of Eötvös Loránd University (ESU 2010): 12-23 July

To submit application on-line at: http://www.elte.hu/en/esu.application

For more information: http://www.elte.hu/en/esu.2010

30/04/2010 Seoul

The new Honorary Consul at the Residence

Hungarian Ambassador Miklós Lengyel hosted a dinner party on 12 April 2010, at his  residence in Seoul, in honour of the new Honorary Consul of the Republic of Hungary in the Republic of Korea, Hyun-shick Cho who is at present COO of Hankook Tire Co. Ltd. Hungary is a favourable investment destination for Korean companies in Central Europe with Hankook Tire Co. Ltd being one of the biggest investors by its factory in Dunaújváros, Hungary.


12/10/2010 Seoul

Information on the accidental pollution and related mitigation measures of the “red mud spill at Ajka”

Due to the levee breach of the tailings pond (sludge reservoir) of the Hungarian Aluminium Ltd. (MAL Ltd.) located in Hungary around 100 km south-west of Budapest in the surrounding area of Ajka town on 4 October 2010 a large amount of industrial red sludge spill occurred and caused significant environmental damage. The highly alkaline sludge from the reservoir entered into the Torna creek through which the pollution reached the Marcal River.

The pollution plume reached the Marcal River at 18:00 pm on 4th October where the recent flood wave was already decreasing therefore the transport of the pollution fortunately slowed down. The head of the plume passed the village of Mersevár at 15:00 pm 5th October. In the morning of the 5th October a warning message was sent out to the Danube basin countries by Hungary through the AEWS/PIAC alert system of the Duanube Protection Convention.

At the Governmental Coordination Committee meeting held at 16:00 on 5th October 2010, decisions have been made about immediate reconstruction of the levee of the tailings pond and about the further treatment of the residues of red sludge in the area.

For the mitigation of the environmental damage the Environmental and Water Directorates involved (Székesfehérvár, Szombathely, Győr) ordered emergency preparedness status on the same day. From 16:00 pm on 4th October the highest alert level III. has been in force along the Torna creek and Marcal River on a total length of 92.3 km. In the morning of the 5th October warning message was sent out to the Danube basin countries by Hungary through the AEWS/PIAC alert system of the Danube Protection Convention.

In the framework of the mitigation activity in order to reduce the alkaline effect gypsum has been spread since the morning of the 5 October in the village Kolontar, later in Devecser and Somlóvásárhely as well as into the Marcal River at the bridge between Szergény and Vinár. The pouring of the material is continued from aeroplane. At the downstream section of the Marcal River (at 22 river km) gypsum–depot has been created at Mórichida. To increase efficiency of the mixing of the gypsum and the pollutant water jets are used. As result of the measures the pH value already dropped to pH 10.5 in the Marcal River according to the latest analytical measurements.

Hungary has already been taken intensive measures on the whole length of the Marcal River before the arrival of the pollution plume to settle down the suspended solids possibly contaminated by heavy metals. For this reason decision was made to construct 7 underwater weirs, from which 4 are already ready.

Hungary is ready if necessary to localise the pollution by releasing it to the agricultural or other lands along the Marcal River. In case of such an inundation the given lands will be expropriated and remadiated.

In order to reach a tolerable level of pH an intensive neutralisation process is going on at the end-section of Marcal River (upper of its confluence) which has already resulted in a near to 9 pH value of the water discharging into the Raba River. It was achieved by neutrilaziation effect of bio-acetic-acid.  The water reaches the Danube after further dillution process in the Raba and the Mosoni-Danube Rivers only, where neither water quality problems nor harmful to health effects are not expected. Consequently we could successfully avoid severe alkaline and heavy metal pollution of the Raba and Danube rivers -  no harmful effects to the nature can be expected.

The Hungarian State’s priority aim is to keep the pollution plume inside the territory of the country, to localize the mud in the Marcal river bed and to prevent that pollution plume reaches the Danube River via Rába River and Mosoni Danube. In the area of the source of the pollution (in the neighbourhood of settlements Kolontar and Devecser, Veszprem county) the red mud covered cca. 800 hectars according to the estimations which will be neutralised by spreading out gypsum by agricultural airplanes. This will be followed by removal of the upper 2 cm of the contaminated soil in order to protect the water sources as well as to avoid  the spreading away the dry red mud by wind.

Budapest, 7th of October 2010

12/10/2010 Hungary

Further information about the red mud spill

Further information is available about the red mud spill on the official website of the Hungarian Government.

Website: http://redsludge.bm.hu/

19/10/2010 Veszprem county, Hungary

Information for Travelers on the Red Sludge Contamination

On October 4 2010 an industrial accident took place at an alumina factory belonging to a privately owned company, Magyar Alumínium ZRt. Due to the ruptured dam of the sludge reservoir, a mixture of 600-700 thousand m³ of red sludge and water inundated the lower sections of the settlements of Kolontar, Devecser and Somlovasarhely in Veszprem county.

The contamination has affected 800 hectares of surrounding areas and 360 houses. The deeper soil layers and the first watertight soil layer are not affected directly; this was confirmed by the officials of the European Union and the World Health Organization, who conducted researches in the area in the last couple of days. Taking into consideration the results of the researches and thanks to the immediate defensive measures, clean-up and decontamination operations taken by the governmental agencies, local residents began to resettle to the affected area.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs would like to direct the foreign visitors’ attention to the fact that the abovementioned accident which took place some 160 km from Budapest is local, and the affected territories are not tourism destinations and there are no tourist attraction sights to be visited by foreigners.

Other regions in Hungary are completely safe for foreigners to visit and to stay. The everyday life of the residents continues normally. Hungarian tourism destinations are still at the disposal of foreign and domestic visitors with complete infrastructure and range of service.

You may find more information on the industrial accident on the official website of the National Directorate General for Disaster Management: http://redsludge.bm.hu/ 

01/12/2010 Hungary

Hungarian Higher Education 2010/11

The Hungarian Higher Education 2010/11 booklet published by Hungarian Rectors’ Conference is available on the following website:


22/12/2010 Magyarország

Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union

Further information about the Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union is available on the following website: