27/01/2011 Seoul

Changes in consular fees   From the 1st of February, 2011 the consular fees will change, for further information please contact the Secretariat of the Embassy.

23/11/2011 International

Announcement of the International Fine and Applied Arts Competition for Children  

„Rainbow 2012”

Announcement of the International Fine and Applied Arts Competition for Children

The Gallery of Children’s Art in Zánka Children and Youth Centre Ltd. announces the above mentioned competition for children all over the world for the 18th time.

Aim of the competition:

  • contribution to creating a happy childhood in a peaceful world by applying the tools of artwork,
  • presenting the results of visual and artistic education practised in the circle of youngsters,
  • comparison of international artworks of children,
  • strengthening international cultural connections.

Conditions of participation:

Age:        4-18 years

Topic:     not defined, anything for example: introducing your environment, people around you, games, experiences, traditions, national customs, etc.

Technics:   Any technology can be used, such as:

- pencil, pastel, water-colour (aquarelle), oil, ink…

- wood-, lino- or copperplate engraving…

- mosaic, batik, weaving, plastic, enamel-work…

- photo, computer graphics, video movies, CD-presentations, etc.

Measure:   in case of drawings, without a passe-partout maximum 50 x 70 cms, in case of other technics not defined.

Other conditions:

- max. three artworks per person

- in case of groups, max. 30 pieces of artwork per one art studio

- the sent piece of art must be prepared in year 2011 or 2012, on the child’s own, it must be original and never been sent to any other competition.

Please, write the following information on a piece of paper sticked on the back of the artwork with legible writing in English, German, Russian or Hungarian:

                     - the title of the work

                     - the name of the child creating it

- age

- nationality, country

- address

- the name of the sending institution

- exact address

Please, send a summarizing list about the works sent for the competition, containing the name of the institution, its address, the name of each artist with age and title.

Send to:

Zánkai Gyermek és Ifjúsági Centrum Nonprofit Közhasznú Kht.

Gyermekalkotások Galériája

8251 Zánka


Deadline: 10, March, 2012.

Works damaged, late or without the proper pieces of information will not be judged.

Artworks will not be returned.

The organizing institution keeps all rights in connection with the competition, freely disposes with the sent artworks.

The works choosen by the jury are taken into the collection of the Children’s Art Gallery of Zánka, they become its property and will be sent to other exhibitions both in Hungary or abroad or will be used as illustrations.

Unrewarded works can be sent to further competitions or are used for representational or charity purposes.

Evaluation of the competition:

Works submitted to our competition are judged by artists, art teachers, and an evaluating committee formed by experts of children’s works. The best works are rewarded by: Main Prize, Age-Group Prize, Special Prize, Gold, Silver and Bronze Diplomas.

Rewarded winners or the foreign representation of their countries in Hungary are informed about prizes and are invited to the prize-giving ceremony and the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

Zánkai GYIC Ltd.

Gallery of Children’s Art