10/02/2012 Budapest

Malév ceases its operation  

6 am 03 February 2012 – Malév ceases its operation

Based on the Board of Directors’ decision Hungary’s National Airline ceased its operation to minimize its losses. According to this statement, after nearly 66 years of continuous operation, Malév aircrafts will not depart from 6 am 03 February.

“Unfortunately, the event occurred which we had a greatest fear of and we wanted to avoid with might and main. Although, until the latter days there were prospects to continue operation and the trust of our passengers is unbroken, our partners lost their trust due to the information published in the last days and they started to ask for payment of their services in advance. This speeded up the cash outflow and the situation of the airline became untenable. It is also known that the owner, despite the best intentions, is unable to provide additional financial resources to operate after the EU decision. Considering all these the Board decided to order the cease of operation of the Hungary’s National Airline. We apologize to all of our passengers.” - announced CEO Loránt Limburger.

The Call Centre informs the Airline’s passengers about the way how they can get to their destinations and the possibilities of compensation.

Passengers entitled to rerouting

According to the government regulation which entered into force on 31st January 2012, assistance can be provided to those passengers who purchased their valid tickets before Malév cease and whose travel dates are on the suspension day or on the following three calendar days. In addition, to those who already travelled to their destination on the suspension day or before and posses valid return tickets on Malév flights on a date not later than 29th February 2012. Those who are entitled are going to have assistance from Malév by rerouting their tickets to other flights or other modes of transportation.

04/04/2012 Hungary

National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information

12/04/2012 Korea

"I love Korea, because..." video contest  
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Republic of Korea is holding a video
contest "I love Korea, because...", the application date is March 1 - May 20, 2012.

The application form can be downloaded at the following website:

23/04/2012 Seoul

Study & Research in Europe 2012  

Date: Thursday, May 17, 2012, 1 pm – 5:30 pm

Venue: Han Sangeun Lounge, 7th Floor at Centennial Memorial Hall Building, Sookmyung Women’s University

14 European countries have joined forces to announce the 5th European Higher Education Fair: ”Study & Research in Europe 2012”. After four successful events at Seoul National University in 2008, at Yonsei University in 2009 and at Ewha Womans University in 2010, at Korea University in 2011, we would like to invite you for this 5th edition at Sookmyung Women’s University.

14 participating European Countries:

Austria (Advantage Austria)

Czech Republic (Embassy)

Finland (Embassy)
France (CampusFrance/Embassy)
Germany (DAAD Information Centre Seoul)
Hungary (Embassy)
Ireland (Embassy)
Italy (Italian Cultural Institute)
Norway (Embassy)
Poland (Embassy)
Spain (Embassy)

Sweden (Embassy)
Switzerland (Embassy)
United Kingdom (British Council)

Sponsored by: Sookmyung Women’s University

Supported by: The Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Korea

About Study & Research in Europe 2012

Study and Research in Europe 2012 is to be held on 17th May at Sookmyung Women’s University - Han Sangeun Lounge at Centennial Memorial Hall. The program is divided into two major sessions that will run in parallel. Parallel 1: There will be presentations on the Bologna Process, the ECTS system, the Asemundus program, country presentations and language workshops at each seminar room for the participating countries. Information on job and internship opportunities will also be available. Parallel 2: In addition, there will be individual booths hosted by all the participating countries ready for individual counseling. Also, all students can participate a lucky draw and receive gifts from each European country and Sookmyung Women’s University.

Why Study & Research in Europe?

  • The Bologna Process was signed in 1999 aiming to create a European Higher Education Area with more compatibility, comparable quality control and recognition procedures. This resulted in an increase in international exchange of both students and researchers improving the quality of European higher education.
  • Europe is a unique pool of cultural diversity and dynamics and has a long history. Students who choose to study in Europe can earn world-class qualification as well as intercultural skills and multi-lingual communication abilities that are required to become global leaders of the next generation.
  • The high academic standards can be achieved with relatively low investment. Tuition fees and daily living costs are reasonable. Europe is renowned for its great human and physical resources in many different fields. It is the best place to advance research on develop areas such as the humanities social sciences, law, the arts, pharmaceuticals, space science, nano technology, environment, and nuclear fusion and so on.
  • There are thousands of higher education institutions in Europe to choose from offering a great variety of degree programmes both in languages of the host country and in English. In addition, there are a unique cooperation and mobility programmes offered to non- European students such as Erasmus Mundus.

Please visit our site: www.study-in-europe.kr

Enquiry: info@study-in-europe.kr

Press release enquiry: Time Tree Education Consulting Gyungah LEE T. 02-736-0993

05/06/2012 Budapest

Liszt Academy Summer Music Festival in Budapest  

Liszt Academy

Summer Music Festival in Budapest

August 13-25, 2012


  • Students from Korea and Japan will participate in an intensive program of piano, violin, and viola study with an outstanding international faculty. Training for the preparation of performance repertoire is emphasized and play chamber music with Hungarian musicians.


  • All participants will study with each faculty member, receiving a total of seven hours of instruction



  • Gergely Boganyi
  • Marta Gulyas (Ferenc Liszt Academy)
  • Gyula Kiss (Ferenc Liszt Academy)
  • Noel McRobbie (Dongduk Women’s University)
  • Erno Feher, Director (Hansei University)


  • Hojin Jeong (Hansei University)
  • Vilmos Szabadi (Ferenc Liszt Academy)
  • Geza Kapas (Ferenc Liszt Academy)


  • Géza Németh (Ferenc Liszt Academy, Founding member of Bartok String Quartet)


  • All musical activities will take place at the Bela Bartok Conservatory in Budapest, Hungary, operated by the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music.
  • Piano students will be able practice on grand pianos at the Bela Bartok Conservatory
  • Participants will stay at the hotel which is near from the Bartok Conservatory


  • All participants will have the opportunity to perform in the Final Concert, to be held at the Recital Hall of the Bartok Conservatory
  • Students will have further performance opportunities at the Recital Hall of the Bartok Conservatory for an additional fee  
  • Students also have the opportunity to perform a concerto with Hungarian Chamber Orchestra for an additional fee. Students will have two rehearsals with the orchestra before the performance.


  • All participants will receive three meals per day for the full duration of the program
  • There will be an organized sightseeing tour of Budapest, and also of Vienna, Austria
  • Participants will view the Hungarian national holiday fireworks display


  • Monday, August 13: Arrival in Budapest
  • Tuesday, August 14:  Sightseeing tour of Budapest, first day of master classes
  • Monday, August 20:  Concert with Hungarian Chamber Orchestra
  • Thursday , August 23:  Final Concert
  • Friday, August 24:  Sightseeing tour of Vienna, Austria
  • Saturday, August 25:  Departure from Budapest


Any concerto repertoires can be played with a string chamber orchestra accompaniment. Additional 1 or 2 winds can be added upon the request.


  • Tuition fee: 3 700 000 won (includes airfare, hotel accommodation, meals, master classes, sightseeing tours, participation in final concert)
  • Hungarian Chamber Orchestra concert fee: 600 000 won
  • Additional performance fee: 500 000 won per concert (fee is divided by the number of students participating in the concert).  Fee includes advertising costs, piano tuning,  dress rehearsal and DVD recording.
  • Please contact Essie Kong at utahime88@gmail.com or +82.10.4506.8190 for more information



20/07/2012 Hungary

The new Fundamental Law of Hungary
The new Fundamental Law of Hungary is available on the following website.


20/07/2012 Korea

Disease warning

Due to the monsoon season the number of mosquitos infected with the Japaneseencephalitis virus has greatly increased, therefore Korean authorities haveissued disease warning for the territory of the whole country.

24/07/2012 Seoul

Cartoon & animation festival in Seoul   The16th Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival took place betweenthe 17 and 22 July 2012. The work of the festival jury panel was supported by FerencMikulás, director of the Kecskemét Animation Studio from Hungary. During thefestival visitors could see the following Hungarian animations produced by the KecskemétAnimation Studio: „The Talking Grape, the Smiling Apple, the Trinkling Peach”episode from the Hungarian Folk Tales animation series, „Head Dwellers” fromEszter Szoboszlay and the episode from the new series „The little globe-trottingmouse” based on the fairy tale novel from Sándor Kányádi.

27/08/2012 Korea

Bolaven typhoon

In the next 48 hours Bolaven typhoon will sweep across the Yellow Sea,touching directly the south part of Korea at Jeju Island and reaching indirectlythe whole West seashore, including the capital city Seoul. Bolaven typhoon is expectedto hit land in Hwanghae province on the territory of North-Korea, sever damagesare forecasted in every region nationwide. The South-Korean authorities arebracing for the emergency situation and ordered schools to close. According tothe latest meteorology information the typhoon will hit Seoul on the 28 Augustin the morning hours. The storm will peak between 9:00 and 18:00 o’clock,carrying heavy rains and arriving with violent wind blows. Residents areadvised to avoid any outdoor activities.

17/09/2012 Busan

Busan International Tourism Exhibition

The Embassy of Hungary has participated at the BusanInternational Tourism Exhibition held between the 7-10September. The exhibition which was hosted by the second largest city of Korea andpresented travel attractions of 5 continents, as well as local regions ofinterest attracted again a great number of visitors. Visitors of the Hungarianbooth had the chance to taste Hungarian wines twice a day. The wine tasting wasa good advertisement for the Tokaj region wines, which will come on the shelvesof Korean supermarkets from this autumn. The Hungarian booth gained recognitionin the category of the “best touristic promotion”.

17/09/2012 Seoul

4th Liszt Piano Competition in Korea

The 4th Liszt Competition in Korea was held on the 2September in the joint organization of the Korean Liszt Society and the Embassyof Hungary in Seoul. The prominent jury panel was comprised of members like theworldwide known pianist Jenő Jandó, professor of the Liszt Music Academy, ImJongpil, professor of the Korean National University of Arts, Ju Heesung,professor of the Seoul National University, Yoo Youngwook, professor of theYonsei University and Hwan Yunha, president of the Korean Liszt Society. Thewinner of the competition will receive a one year scholarship for the LisztMusic Academy and the chance to give a solo concert at the Yongsan Art Hall.

09/10/2012 Seoul

Korea Electronics Show

The Embassy of Hungary has participated at the Korea Electronics Show, thebiggest electronic fair in South-Korea held between the 9-12 October. The presenceat the fair offered a good chance for Hungary to promote our country aspossible investment market for Korean electronic producers. Visitors of theHungarian booth received information and print materials about the Hungarianinvestment market. During the fair several Korean companies have expressedtheir interest for the investment possibilities in Hungary. The office of foreigntrade relations will follow up on these initiatives.

12/10/2012 Daejeon

Daejeon Food & Wine Festival  

The Embassy of Hungary has participated at the first Food & WineFestival held in Daejeon. The organizers anticipated about 50 thousand visitorsto discover the 85 booths hosting 50 presenters from 17 countries includinglocal companies.

The Hungarian booth was presenting wine, champagne, distilled spiritsand meat products from the Pick Szeged Salami Factory. Visitors tasting theHungarian products gave a very positive feedback regarding the wines andspirits. The event offered a great chance for contact building with Koreanimporters and distributors.

19/10/2012 Seoul

Ars Nova Hungary

The Ars Nova Hungary concert series conductedby Péter Eötvös will be organized between the 1-3 November 2012.

Further information and tickets:


07/11/2012 Yongin

October 23 commemoration at HUFS

On the 5 November the Hungarian Department of Hankuk University ofForeign Studies and the Embassy of Hungary has organized a joint 1-day programto commemorate the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. The program included a studentconference with high-class presentations, as well as a Hungarology contest.H.E. Miklós Lengyel has delivered a welcome speech at the event.

In the framework of the commemoration day the Embassy has opened the“Hungarian forts and castles” exhibition in the lobby of HUFS and organized astanding reception serving Hungarian dishes. Ca. 80 people have attended theopening ceremony, counting faculty leaders, professors, current and ex-students.

The programs of the day proved to be a dignified commemoration of thehistoric event of 1956 and offered a good chance for students to get acquaintedwith Hungary and engage in informal discussion with students learningHungarian.


13/11/2012 Gyeonggi

Gyeonggi International Tourism Mart

The Embassy of Hungary was present at the Gyeonggi International TourismMart exhibition this year as well. Visitors of the Hungarian booth had thechance to taste meat products from the Pick Szeged Salami Factory and try Hungarianwines. Both were highly welcomed. The free product tasting was a goodadvertising method for introducing Hungarian products to the Korean market.

Kim Moon-soo, governor of Gyeonggi province has visited the Hungarian booth at the opening ceremony too. The governor tasted theassorted products and expressed his appreciation of them. The exhibitionprovided a great chance for the Embassy of Hungary to establish contacts withmarket leading travel agencies and travel agents.


20/11/2012 Seoul

Kim In Suk and Fehér Ernő piano concert in the Sejong Center

KimIn Suk and Ernő Fehér will give a joint piano concert in the Chamber Hall ofSejong Center on the 24 November starting at 19:30. Free admission!

Concertlocation:  http://www.sejongpac.or.kr/eng/information/visiting_us.asp


21/12/2012 Korea

Tokaj wines on the shelves of Korean supermarkets   TheKim’s Club supermarket chain has started selling Hungarian wines from the Tokajregion. This is the first time that a local supply chain decided to putHungarian wines on the shelves of its supermarkets throughout Korea. From nowon the Tokaji Aszú, the most well-known Hungarian wine in Korea will beavailable to a wide range of customers, which will hopefully further increaseits reputation. 4 types of wine from the Degenfeld Winery will appear in thestores: semi-dry Muscat Blanc, dry Tokaji Furmint, Tokaji Aszú sweet desertwine (3 and 5 puttonyos), as well as Andante ice wine, a specialty of thewinery . 20121218_125001.jpg