01/06/2013 Seoul

Visit of the Vice-president of the National Assembly of Hungary in Korea  

Mr István Jakab, vice-president of the National Assembly of Hungary has paid an official visit to Korea between 28 May – 2 June 2013. During his visit Mr Jakab met his Korean counterpart, the vice-president of the National Assembly of Korea, the president of the IPU Korean-Hungarian Friendship Group and paid a courtesy visit to H.E. Kang Chang-hee, president of the National Assembly of Korea.

The Hungarian vice-president consulted several leaders of professional organizations in the field of agriculture and water management in order to get an overview on the structure and operation of the corporation system in South Korea. In order to exchange experiences, Mr Jakab was invited to visit several agricultural production facilities and processing plants. Aiming at the increase of bilateral agricultural cooperation, the vice-president of the National Assembly of Hungary has signed a MOU agreement with the Korea Importers Association (KOIMA).

Programs of the official trip included a visit to the DMZ, where the UN Military Armistice Commission held a presentation for the vice-president of the National Assembly of Hungary.




04/06/2013 Seoul

26th Korea World Travel Fair

The Embassy of Hungary participated at the 26th Korea World Travel Fair organized in Seoul between 30 May – 2 June 2013. Representatives of 60 countries and local program organizers presented their services on over 500 booths. Visitors of the Hungarian booth had the chance to taste Pick salami, which appeared on the shelves of several Korean stores recently and Hungarian wines each day. The interest for these Hungarian products was high.

Herewith we would like to thank all volunteers for their precious support, contributing to the successful organization of the fair.


05/06/2013 Seoul

Eumak Journal interview with Miklós Lengyel, Ambassador of Hungary

June 2013, Volume 282 issue of the Eumak Journal, leading classical music magazine of South Korea has published several Hungary related articles. Readers will find a 3-page interview in the magazine with H.E. Miklós Lengyel, Ambassador of Hungary in Seoul, who is regarded as a respected foreign head of mission, actively contributing to the dissemination of Korean culture. A separate article pays homage to the life of Hungarian composer Franz Liszt and the Music Journey coloumn of the magazine invites readers on a journey to discover Budapest/Hungary.



10/06/2013 Hungary

Information on the flood situation in Hungary

Regular news updates on the severe flood situation that emerged in Hungary over the past few days are provided on the following websites of the central government:
Official English language website of the Government of Hungary:


Website of the National Directorate General for Disaster Management:


12/06/2013 Seoul

HITA at the Korea Overseas Investment Fair

The Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA) participated at the Korea Overseas Investment Fair held in Seoul on the 28-29 May 2013. The fair has attracted investment promotion organizations from 50 countries worldwide. During the 2 days of the fair visitors had the chance to listen to the presentation of the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency about the investment environment in Hungary. The representatives of the Hungarian booth received several inquiries concerning the establishment of factories and some interested parties were engaged in detailed discussions.


21/06/2013 Seoul

Visegrad Group publishes drama collection in Korean language  

The Embassies of the Visegrád Group countries, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia jointly released a book, “Between Loneliness and Intimacy,” a collection of four contemporary plays translated into Korean. The book was presented to the public at a literary evening organized by the Czech Cultural Center in Seoul. All four countries were represented at the event — Ambassador of Poland Krzysztof Majka; Ambassador of Slovakia Dusan Bella; and Annamaria Batari, Secretary to the Hungarian ambassador attended.

The translators read excerpts from each play in Korean language for the audience, which was followed by native speakers reading the original versions in the four native languages.

“Z Prachu Havezd” (From Stardust) Lenka Lagronova / Czech Republic

“Burmistrz” (The Mayor) Malgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk / Poland

“Babyboom” Zuzane Ferenczova / Slovakia

“Bányavirág” (Mine Flowers ) Székely Csaba / Hungary

The project was one year in the making, spearheaded by the Visegrad Fund.



24/06/2013 Budapest

Liszt Academy 4th International Summer Music Festival  

Liszt Academy will host the 4th International Summer Music Festival in Budapest between August 13-24, 2013. Students from Korea and Japan will participate in an intensive program of piano, violin and vocal study with an outstanding international faculty. Training for the preparation of performance repertoire is emphasized, and students will also have an opportunity to perform together with the Hungarian Chamber Orchestra.

Click here for detailed information about the program and the application procedure:


25/06/2013 Seoul

2013 Korea Video Contest  

2013 Video Contest about Korea
- My Best Korean Friend Is… My Favorite Korean Food Is… -


1. The Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Korea and Arirang TV will jointly hold a three-minute-long video contest about Korea for foreigners under the title “My best Korean friend is…”/ “My favorite Korean food is….”

2. Any foreigner living in Korea or abroad can join the contest. Applicants should select only one among the two topics, my best Korean friend and my favorite Korean food, make a video no longer than three minutes which contains the reasons why you like the friend/food and your experiences, and submit an application by August 9, 2013.

3. Details on the contest are available at the homepage of the Foreign Ministry and winners will be announced at the end of September.
☞ Homepage of the Foreign Ministry

o A total of ten winners, including one grand prize winner, two gold prize winners, three silver prize winners and four bronze prize winners, will be selected. The winners will be given designated prizes.

o Prize-winning works will be posted on the Foreign Ministry’s YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, and be introduced in Arirang TV’s programs.