14/07/2014 Seoul

The EU goes to Korean schools

The EU Delegation in Seoul launched the program “EU goes to Schools” in June 2014. The aim of the program is to provide first-hand information about the EU and its member states to Korean high school students in the framework of a special lecture held in the classroom. Ambassadors from 21 member states were assigned schools to attend in Seoul in the coming months. On 11 July 2014 Hungarian Counsellor and Deputy HoM Tibor Baloghdi visited the Guil Highschool and held a lecture about the history, establishment and operation of the EU. The lecture was followed by an interactive Q&A session, where students have asked various questions about Hungary. The program provides great possibility for students interested in learning about other countries to enrich their knowledge about the EU and its member states.


28/07/2014 Seoul

Hungarian Team excels at the 22nd International Hapkido Championship   The 22nd International Hapkido Championship organized by the Korea Hapkido Federation was hosted by Daelim Universty in Anyang on July 26, 2014. The event was supported by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Daelim University. Hungary was represented at the tournament by 8 members of the Daehanminguk Hapkido Hungary team, led by hapkido master Tibor Kiss. The international championship was attended by 600 participants, determined to win medals in different categories.

Csaba Nagy Sebestyén and Dániel Simkó (age group 12Y), as well as Gergő Ványi and Gábor Tímár (age group 15Y) won the first prize with their performance in self-defense, bringing joy and pride for the Hungarian team and the Hungarian hapkido sport.

The travel of the Hapkido Hungary Team to Seoul was enabled through the generous support of hapkido master Róbert Verebi, who is also helping the training of the children. The Hungarian team was further escorted by Krisztián Rácz and Balázs Süle, who was shooting a film about the unforgettable trip of the the Hungarian Hapkido team to Korea.