06/03/2014 Daejeon

Ambassador Gábor Csaba visiting the Mayor of Daejeon  

Ambassador Gábor Csaba paid a courtesy visit to the mayor of Daejeon on 5 March 2014 to learn about the ongoing activities and cultural exchanges between the sister cities Budapest and Daejeon, as well as the upcoming visit of mayor Yum to Budapest. Mayor Yum Hong-chul informed that 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the sister city relations between the two cities and they propose to mutually celebrate the event with the inauguration of a statue this year. As part of his official program Ambassador Csaba listened to a presentation about the operation of the Daejeon Research and Development Special Zone called Innopolis.


14/03/2014 Seoul

National day reception at the Hungarian Embassy

Ambassador Gábor Csaba and spouse invited all Hungarian residents in Korea for a friendly dinner on the occasion of the Hungarian national day March 15th which commemorates the Hungarian Revolution of 1848. The small Hungarian community counting about 40 people this evening was delighted to enjoy real Hungarian dishes and wines again. The gathering offered a good chance for Hungarian people living in Korea to get to know each other and exchange their experiences about life in Korea.


17/03/2014 South Korea

Stricter rules on LAGs at the Korean airports

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea introduced stricter rules on the security control of LAGs items at the Korean airports. Liquids, aerosols and gels purchased in duty free shops are only permitted to be taken aboard sealed in STEB bags and accompanied by a receipt.

The detailed information sheet can be downloaded here:


19/03/2014 Budapest

Liget Budapest international design competition   The Museum of Fine Arts Budapest and the Városliget Zrt. 100 % owned by the Hungarian State hereby announce an open, international, two-stage design competition for the design of museum buildings within the framework of the Liget Budapest Project on the territory of the City Park Budapest. The construction of the new buildings, the complete renewal of the green area of the City Park, and the renovation of the institutions already present Liget Budapest will be one of Budapest’s leading, well-known tourist and cultural destinations and a unique family park recognised as such all over Europe. The Entrants meeting the requirements of the Competition Programme can register for the competition free, download the competition materials free, enter the competition and submit their entries also without charge.
For more information about the design competition please consult the website:  www.ligetbudapest.org


20/03/2014 Seoul

APAIE Conference and Exhibition 2014

The APAIE Annual Conference and Exhibition is one of the most distinguished forums in the Asia-Pacific region for bringing together policy makers and education experts from around the world to enhance professional skills and learn about new developments in international education. The 9th Annual Conference and Exhibition of APAIE, which was held between 17-20 March 2014 was co-hosted by 14 universities in Korea and attended by a Hungarian delegation representing 10 Hungarian universities at the Hungarian booth (SOTE, ELTE, BGF, BME, Pécs University, Szeged University, Kaposvár University, Miskolc University, Szent István University, Eötvös József Főiskola) for the first time in coordination of the TEMPUS Fundation. The joint presence of Hungarian universities provided a great opportunity for the development of inter-institutional collaboration with Korean universities, as well as for the screening of potential student exchange programs and capacity.

25/03/2014 Seoul

Ambassador Csaba visiting Korea University

Ambassador Gábor Csaba paid a visit to the President of Korea University, Kim Byoung-chul on 24 March 2014. Korea University, founded in 1905, is widely acknowledged as one of the country’s oldest, largest and top-ranked (SKY) universities in Korea. Its reputation for quality is based on excellence in teaching, research and service to Korean society. Eminent faculty, outstanding students and internationally recognized research programs all contribute to Korea University’s academic fame. As a major comprehensive university, KU offers a rich variety of courses in liberal arts and sciences as well as in all professional fields, including law, medicine and business administration. KU has around 35.000 students and has signed MoU with 900 universities worldwide, including 4 Hungarian institutions: Corvinus University, ELTE, MTA Biological Research Centre and Budapest Technical University. The most active student exchange program is realized with Corvinus University.


26/03/2014 Seoul

Ambassador Csaba visiting Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Kim InChul, the new President of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) welcomed Ambassador Csaba in his office on 24 March 2014. HUFS has played a significant role in reconstructing Korea after the Korean War by producing numerous CEOs and outstanding diplomats, who are competitive enough to strive forward in the global stage. Now under the leadership of President InChul Kim, HUFS is currently teaching 45 foreign languages, and stands as the number one global university in Korea. Combining studies in the humanities, law, social sciences, business, and computer science, students naturally grow as global leaders, equipped with both professional knowledge and language proficiency. HUFS has around 20.000 students and entered student exchange programs with 409 universities worldwide. HUFS is ready to increase the number of foreign students, so hopefully Hungarian students will have the chance in near future to apply for scholarship and study at HUFS too.