For further information about simplified naturalization please visit and please read the following instructions carefully (detailed information about the process are only available in Hungarian but we are ready to answer your questions sent to


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that when applying for Hungarian citizenship in the simplified naturalization procedure, one of the basic legal requirements is to understand and communicate in Hungarian language on a sufficient level, to be able to present the application for naturalization independently, without external assistance, and to answer the questions asked by the officer independently, in short sentences. In case your command of Hungarian language does not reach the sufficient level, you can’t expect a positive decision. The present information letter contributes to avoiding frequent issues related to insufficient Hungarian language proficiency during the simplified naturalization procedure, and prevents you from becoming a victim of abuse due to the inadequate knowledge of the legal requirements (especially the lack of Hungarian knowledge) of the simplified naturalization procedure. We invite you to pay particular attention to meet all legal requirements of the simplified naturalization procedure when submitting the application, pay special attention to learn Hungarian, as no statutory exemption will permit the lack of sufficient language knowledge, and the authorities will always directly verify it. Should you need any additional information concerning the simplified naturalization procedure, please contact the relevant foreign representation or government offices where credible information will be provided to you. For managing your application, rely only on a representative who does not try to convince you of the fact that a positive decision can be received even in lack of Hungarian language knowledge.


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  • Az egyszerűsített honosítással kapcsolatos eljárásról szóló további részletes tájékoztató:


  • For further information about Hungarian citizenship visit the website of Government Office of the Capital City Budapest (from 1 January 2017 is also  responsible for citizenship matters)


Contacts of the Department of Citizenship and Native registry of the Government Office of the Capital City Budapest:

Phone: +36 1 550 1221

Address: 1364 Budapest, Pf. 234.