07/01/2013 Korea

Power outage drill

Herewith we would like to inform all Hungarian residents living in Koreathat the Korean authorities will conduct a power outage drill on the 10 Januarybetween 10:00 and 10:20. The aim of the drill is to improve the response time ofservice providers in case of an electricity supply shortage. The scope of thedrill covers public institutions in the first place; foreign residents are notrequired to anything. The start of the drill will be marked by the sound of thecivil defense sirens.

18/01/2013 Seoul

Classic Hungarian movies in Seoul

The 8th Seoul Cinematheque Friends Film Festival showing themost prestigious art movies in South Korea has opened on the 17 January.

During the festival outstanding works of their categories are presentedto the audience, films that have never been shown in Korean movie theatersbefore. Visitors had the chance to see 3 award winning Hungarian movies:“Sinbad” directed by Zoltán Huszárik and 2 other films from Károly Makk: “Love”and “Looking at each other” – both were award winners in Cannes. The organizersof the film festival have praised the lyric mood, the scenery and the uniquefilm cut of Sinbad in different forums.

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