Registration of a birth in Hungary

The Hungarian citizens should register the birth of their children. The application may be lodged at the registrar offices in Hungary - as a general rule. 

The registration of a child’s birth outside Hungary can be registered with the Hungarian authorities also by application through the Embassy’s Consular Section. At the same time, an application for a passport can also be submitted. The procedure takes on average 2-4 months (without the passport procedure) but please note that the procedures could be longer! Please do not buy any ticket or do not plan anything (where you need the Hungarian birth certificate) before the end of the procedure as the Consulate cannot guarantee the length of the procedure. If you ignore this warning, you are responsible for the possible damage.


You can make an appointment by e-mail or by phone. Please visit the “Opening Hours” on the website. 

Please note that both parents should appear in person when you lodge your application! If the difference between the date of birth and the end of the former marriage of the mother is less than 300 days, the former husband will be registered as father. In this case the mother has right to apply to the court to change the name of the father after the first registration. 

The required documents to be submitted with the application are as follows:

1. The original birth certificate (i.e. full birth certificate, showing data for parents as well. This is required in ALL cases.) 

There is no need for translation 
- if the Korean birth certificate is also issued in English

- or the birth certificates is issued by other countries in two or more languages if one of them is English, German or French.

If the birth certificate is issued in different language a legalised translation should be presented. The translation could be prepared by the National Translation and Authentication Office (OFFI) – , 1062 Budapest, Bajza utca 52, Tel: (36-1) 428-9600, Fax: (36-1) 428-9610 –, it does not need to be further legalised OR the translation should be legalised by the responsible Hungarian Consulate.

2. Parents’ marriage certificate (photocopy) OR Statutory declaration of acknowledgement of parentage

If the parents’ marriage has not yet been registered in Hungary, it has to be undertaken together with the registration of the child’s birth. (See note on Registration of marriage concluded abroad)

In case the parents have not concluded a marriage or did so only after the birth of the child, a statutory declaration of acknowledgement of parentage has to be made in person at the Consular Section. Please ask for the necessary form and sign four original copies of it. In the majority of cases, points 1), 3) and 6) are relevant. You can find the consular fee of the declaration on the website at the “Consular fees and charges”.

3. Application form - Completed and signed by both parents 

Please fill in the application form in Hungarian, with block capital letters and according to the conventions of the Hungarian language (name: surname followed by given name; date: year. month day., etc.). When signing the form, please make sure that the parent who is a Hungarian national signs according to the Hungarian usage, ie. surname first, given name second.

4. Proof of parents’ nationality 

ID Card or Passport. The parents should present valid, original documents. The copy is not accepted!

5. Request for registration in the Hungarian Registry of Personal Data and Address

a.) If the Hungarian parent has already officially informed the Hungarian authorities that he/she lives abroad or the Hungarian parent never lived in Hungary the child should be registered as a Hungarian citizen living abroad. This registration should be requested in the birth application form in the paragraph 8. 
For the application the copy of the Hungarian address card which involves „Külföldön élő magyar állampolgár” should be lodged as well. If you apply by post and you do not have address card you should send a short letter on the lack of it.

b.) If the Hungarian parent has address card which involves a Hungarian address the child should be registered as a Hungarian citizen living in Hungary. In this case you should fill in the form “Kérelem Magyarországon élő magyar állampolgárként történő nyilvántartásba vételhez”. The form could be downloaded from the website – “Form for registration as a Hungarian citizen living in Hungary”
For the application the copy of the Hungarian address card or a copy of the title deed or copy of the tenancy agreement should be lodged as well. If you apply by post and you do not have the above mentioned documents (address card, copy of the title deed or tenancy agreement) you should send a short letter on the lack of them.

6. Consular fee:

The registration of birth is free of charge.

If there is need for the voluntary acknowledgement of paternity an additional fee is payable as it is written on the website at the “Consular fees and charges”. 

Please do not forget to provide a phone number and an e-mail address. 

If you ask the assistance of a Notary Public bear in mind that only the signatures of those Notaries Public are accepted by the Consulate whose sample of seal and signature are in possession of the Consulate. Applications linked to closely related cases (e.g. registration of a marriage or application for Hungarian nationality) can be dealt with at the same time.

Should you need further information, please contact us by e-mail at

Application by post

If the parents are married there is possibility to apply by post. The requirements are the same with certain differences. Please contact us by e-mail.


Form for registration as a Hungarian citizen living in Hungary
APLICATION FORM for registration of birth
Application form in English